Linux News Today: IoT Dell Edge Gateway 5000 to Run on Ubuntu Snappy Core

The recently announced Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series is now running the Ubuntu Snappy Core, making this one of the most flexible and robust products of its kind.

The Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series is not the first gateway from Dell that is powered by the Ubuntu Snappy Core, which is an operating system built to power all kind of IoT technologies. It’s using a new type of package called Snappy that makes any device that it’s running on much more robust, with its ability to rollback to the last working version when something goes wrong.

“One of the biggest challenges facing developers in the IoT space is maintaining focus and reducing complexity. We are very happy that Dell customers will be able to leverage Ubuntu Core in the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series – making it easier to do business,” said Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Canonical and Ubuntu.

It’s interesting to note that IoT devices are becoming more and more important in the ecosystem, and Canonical is one of the few companies that’s making a real effort to fill this gap. They’ve started early, and they have somewhat of a head start, which mean that we’ll be hearing about Ubuntu Snappy Core for a long time.

The Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series with snappy Ubuntu Snappy Core will be available mid-December 2015.

Via Softpedia