Linux News Today: Ubuntu Avengers Is an Excellent Resource for Users Who Want to Report Ubuntu Touch Bugs

If you’re one of the thousands of Ubuntu Phone users, and you have encountered a bug that needs reporting, you might want to check out this excellent Wiki page that directs users to the proper channels for most of the components of the operating system.

Ubuntu phones have been in the hands of real users for quite some time and people are already offering feedback for it, but there is always room for improvements. One of the problems is that many users don’t really know where to submit the problem, as there are quite a few channels and it’s not exactly the most friendly system.

The feedback is an important part of the development process, and it helps the makers of Ubuntu Touch to intervene when something goes wrong or when they want to fix something.

Ubuntu users with a little bit of experience already know about Launchpad, but it’s easy to see why it would quite prove alien for someone who opens it for the first time. Users need an account to comment or to submit bugs, but even if they get past this stage, they still don’t know where everything goes.

As you can imagine, there are quite a few bugs reported for the wrong package, and that happens for all the distros, not just Ubuntu Touch.

Ubuntu Avengers to the rescue

As the name suggests, this is a wiki put together to help people figure out where they need to submit their bug. Each component in the phone has its own channel, like the File Manager, the Clock, the SMS app, and so on. It’s a more complex system, but, in theory, it should help developers keep much better track of what’s happening.

The first rule when submitting a patch is to check if the bug has been reported before. Most of the time that’s just the case. There are many users out there, which means that the chance of you reporting something for the first time is much smaller than the chance of you submitting a duplicate.

Just check the Ubuntu Avengers wiki, see if you’re first and submit your report. It’s quite easy if you’ve done it once, and you’re actually helping the developers make the distribution better.

Via Softpedia