Download Source Code ICEcoder 5.3

Matt Pass is announcing that with version number 5.3 is already available to download.

What is ?

is .

ICEcoder was built around the fantastic CodeMirror JavaScript code editor, and comes with lots of utilities that allows developers to write code and run it via their browser only. No need for a specialized IDE, just a browser and a Web server. ICEcoder can be used to edit existing projects, or even to start new ones as well. Developers can use it on live servers, having no pesky database setup to deal with, or install it locally and work offline. By default the editor supports syntax highlighting for common programming languages, but new ones can be added via plugins. This is possible via CodeMirror, and also via CodeMirror, syntax highlighting themes can be added as well in case you don’t like the default skins.

This is changelog for version 5.3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ICEcoder - When ran for the first time, ICEcoder will prompt admins to insert a password for their project editorICEcoder - Once logged in, the user can then choose what project to work on (left panel)ICEcoder - When editing a file, syntax highlighting is fully supportedICEcoder - The File menu (left panel) provides simple file management optionsICEcoder - The Edit menu (left panel) provides quick editing controlsICEcoder - The Remote menu (left panel) is where ICEcoder can be integrated with other servicesICEcoder - The Help menu (left panel) provides access to various configuration and documentation optionsICEcoder - Keyboard shortcuts are supported inside ICEcoderICEcoder - The settings panel provides access to various options and configuration detailsICEcoder - Each file has its own properties panel where permissions can be modifiedICEcoder - The ICEcoder interface supports CodeMirror themes & skins

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