Download Source Code Koken 0.21.4

is announcing that Koken with version number 0.21.4 is already available to download.

What is Koken ?

Koken is A CMS specialized on image and video portfolios, ideal for artists, designers, photographers, and various other types of creatives .

Koken is a CMS (content management system) specifically crafted for artists and photographers, that makes image and video management a breeze.It includes all the features of a classical CMS, but with more focus on managing files and especially images.Koken should be a perfect fit for online portfolios and product catalogs.

This is changelog for Koken version 0.21.4 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Koken - Before installation, server requirements are checkedKoken - Koken comes with an easy to use installation wizardKoken - The backend panel is protected via a passwordKoken - Koken comes with an administration panel for easy content managementKoken - A settings and configuration panel for setting up general site behavior is availableKoken - If needed, extra plugins can be installedKoken - Theme files can be edited with ease in KokenKoken - Static HTML pages can also be create inside KokenKoken - Koken supports adding and organizing images in an image gallery or collection setKoken - An easy to use file uploader ships with KokenKoken - Images can be managed in bulk or one by oneKoken - General gallery features and settings can also be set in bulk or one by oneKoken - Listing image galleries in the Koken frontendKoken - Viewing images inside an albumKoken - Viewing a single image with the default Koken frontend theme
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