Download Source Code Piwik 2.15.0 / 2.15.1-b2

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Piwik Development Team is announcing that Piwik with version number 2.15.0 / 2.15.1-b2 is already available to download.

What is Piwik ?

Piwik is .

Piwik is written in PHP and MySQL, and like Google Analytics needs the webmaster to embed a JavaScript tracking code into his website. Once properly setup, unlike Google Analytics, Piwik works from the webmaster’s server, keeping all the tracked data in-house. This increases a site’s privacy and security, and allows the developer to control the service in any way he wishes. Piwik works practically in the same way Google Analytics does, providing lots of features and data tracking opportunities. Once data gathered, where possible, Piwik uses charts and graphics to illustrate site usage.

This is changelog for Piwik version 2.15.0 / 2.15.1-b2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Piwik - To help users out, an installation wizard is packed with PiwikPiwik - The analytics dashboard can optionally be password protectedPiwik - Once logged in, a review of all stats is presented in the dashboardPiwik - An overview dashboard is also provided for checking out visitors dataPiwik - Piwik keeps a visitor's log, with all recent persons that visited the sitePiwik - Statistics about the user's devices is includedPiwik - Various other visitor browser settings are tracked with PiwikPiwik - Loation and ISP details can also be logged via PiwikPiwik - Piwik can track the period of day each action takes placePiwik - Engagement statistics can also be recorded with Piwik, just like on Google AnalyticsPiwik - A visitors' map can be displayed, updated in real-timePiwik - Records can be kept for most popular site pagesPiwik - Piwik can also track from where a user has arrived on a pagePiwik - Piwik will also track what's the exit point of an user's visitPiwik - Piwik can show a small inventory of most popular pages on the sitePiwik - Piwik will record and keep track of all outgoing linksPiwik - A separate referral dashboard is included with PiwikPiwik - Search terms and search engines can be tracked for a website via PiwikPiwik - Popular site subdomains and social networking data can also be recordedPiwik - Various campaigns can be setup via PiwikPiwik - A goals center is also available inside Piwik, for tracking just certain types of actionsPiwik - A tree view for all traffic in and out of a page is availablePiwik - Analytics for each individual site page are available at any time