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is announcing that SuiteCRM with version number 7.4 is already available to download.

What is SuiteCRM ?

SuiteCRM is A professional, top of the line CRM application coded in PHP and capable of running on MySQL, MariaDB, and SQL Server databases .

SuiteCRM is a PHP CRM forked from the hugely popular SugarCRM. SugarCRM users can easily migrate to SuiteCRM, from both SugarCRM versions, Professional and Community.Just like the original CRM, SuiteCRM can be immediately deployed and used in production environments, providing a state of the art solution for managing a company’s activities, may them be sales, service, production, or HR inclined.The CRM features a beautiful Web-based dashboard that helps admins install and setup the CRM, and then lets them create user accounts for their employees, giving each various access permissions based on their role in the company.The admin and employees can then start recording their business activity online, and across time get usage reports and statistics about how proficient they were in past endeavors.SuiteCRM can record and hold various type of information about various physical goods or services, managing various facets of a company’s business, from client phone calls, to invoices, and up to marketing campaigns.Most tasks and activities are covered and the SuiteCRM application should be something you look at in the future.Commercial hosting and paid support is available for SuiteCRM.

This is changelog for SuiteCRM version 7.4 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

SuiteCRM - When installing, webmasters can choose the installation package they wantSuiteCRM - If everything went OK during the installation, admins can then login in the site's backendSuiteCRM - After logging in, users will see a dashboard of all recent CRM activitiesSuiteCRM - Business owners can use SuiteCRM to manage sales, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and leadsSuiteCRM - For each client account and contact, lots of details are logged via the SuiteCRM interfaceSuiteCRM - Marketing campaigns, targets, and lists can also be managed via SuiteCRMSuiteCRM - Technical assistance can also be given via SuiteCRMSuiteCRM - screenshot #8SuiteCRM - Admins can also manage meetings and calls with their clientsSuiteCRM - SuiteCRM also comes with a built-in calendar app, an email client, and a file managerSuiteCRM - screenshot #11SuiteCRM - screenshot #12SuiteCRM - Various other details are also included with SuiteCRMSuiteCRM - Each user can easily modify his own profile settingsSuiteCRM - SuiteCRM is also a multi-user system that lets admins manage their employeesSuiteCRM - In the SuiteCRM settings panel various options can be tweaked even further