Linux News Today: Fedora 23 Linux Is Now Available for AArch64 and POWER Hardware Architectures

As many of you might already know, Fedora Project announced the final release of the anticipated Fedora 23 Linux operating system for 64-bit and 32-bit computers earlier this week, on November 3, 2015.

However, the good news for sysadmins who want to deploy the Server or Cloud editions of the Fedora 23 operating system on their company’s infrastructure is that the famous GNU/Linux distribution has also been released for AArch64 and POWER.

Peter Robinson of Fedora Project has been proud to share with us this awesome announcement, which means that you can download Fedora 23 Server for either POWER (PPC64 or PPC64el) or AArch64 (ARM 64-bit) hardware architectures right now.

Additionally, the Cloud edition of the Fedora 23 Linux operating system is also available for download for the hardware platforms mentioned above, as both ISO images and binary packages are ready for deployment.

“The Fedora 23 release is here, and it’s better than ever before. We’re pleased to bring you the latest incarnation of Fedora Server for aarch64 and POWER built with love by the Fedora community to custom-fit your needs in different areas,” announces Peter Robinson.

Fedora 23 Server and Cloud operating systems bring a wide range of new features, among which we can mention lots of under-the-hood security enhancements with improved hardening for all included packages.

Also, the insecure SSL3 and RC4 protocols have been disabled by default, lots of software has been updated to make use of the Python 3 programming language, and Unicode 8.0 support has been implemented with U1F32D character enablement.

Download Fedora 23 Server and Cloud editions for AArch64 and POWER.

Via Softpedia