Linux News Today: Kodi 16.0 "Jarvis" to Bring a Much Better Music Library

The Kodi media center is preparing for another major upgrade, and its developers have just pushed a new Beta version for the 16.0 branch out the door.

The Kodi developers are moving really fast, and it looks like they have big plans for this new release. They published Kodi 16.0 Beta 1 only a week ago and now the second one in quick succession. From the looks of it, this fast approach to the development cycle is working very well for them, and they are closing the distance to the stable build.

As it was to be expected, the second Beta in the series is nowhere near as big as the previous one. Still, there are a few things that have been fixed and the makers of Kodi have insisted on the improved Music scan feature, which has seen improvement indeed. When we think of what Kodi can do, we usually imagine it playing movies, but the truth is that it can play pretty much any kind of media file.

What’s new in Kodi 16.0 Beta 2

The number of features and fixes in each new release of Kodi is impressive, and it seems like there is always room for improvements, no matter how advanced it is. It’s also true that a large part of these new versions is actually made up of fixes and code cleanups.

“Why the rapid succession of these releases you might wonder? By doing more releases in the shorter period we reduce the amount of changes that are included in each one. Instead of a huge list of changes it now only has several which gives a better overview. The advantage of that is possible regressions get picked up way faster and that you as user also get the benefit of not having to wait a long time to get these fixes,” the developers wrote in the official announcement.

According to the changelog, the Library export now shows the correct dialogs, broken add-ons are no longer included in the update panel, the Next recording widget for PVR has been fixed, repeated timers on PVR recording list are no longer shown, and many more other fixes have been added.

You can download Kodi 16.0 Beta 2 from Softpedia and give it a go. It’s not a stable iteration, so please don’t use it on a production machine.

Kodi music library

Kodi music library

Via Softpedia

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