Linux News Today: Opera 35 Web Browser Promoted to the Dev Channel, Promises Cool New Features

Opera Software, through Błażej Kaźmierczak, announced earlier today, November 12, that they’ve promoted the upcoming Opera 35 web browser to the Developer channel for all supported operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

According to Mr. Kaźmierczak, this release is built on top of the Opera 34 Beta version, so technically speaking it is still version 34.0, but has been renamed to 35.0, as the Opera developers are preparing some exciting new features.

In the Opera 35 development cycle, they will add a much simpler setting section that gathers together all the familiar settings on a single, easily accessible page, further improve the download manager with support for stopping downloads and close the dialog.

Opera Sync will finally be updated to stop the duplication of files, which is very annoying for many users of the stable Opera web browser, there will be an easy way to enable or disable the bookmarks bar, and Opera users will be able to quickly mute tabs that make noise.

“We do not promise that any of this will hit final in O35, or hit it ever at all. Some of these are already turned on by default in this developer release, some are behind the opera:flags, and some are available only as whiteboards mockups,” said Błażej Kaźmierczak. “Go explore and share your feedback with us.”

Addressbar on-click UI suggestions, News moves to Speed Dial

Among other interesting features that might land in Opera 35.0, we can mention addressbar on-click UI suggestions, which will display only speed dials, and the migration of the News feature to the Speed Dial, which will be placed under tiles. The web browser will also be synced with the latest Chromium 48.0 sources.

Those of you who are courageous enough to take the Opera 35 web browser for a test drive, should keep in mind the fact that this is an early development release, so it’s not ready for production use at this stage. You can download Opera 35 Developer for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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