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DHTMLX LTD. is announcing that dhtmlxTreeGrid with version number 4.6 is already available to download.

What is dhtmlxTreeGrid ?

dhtmlxTreeGrid is .

It is based on our Ajax/DHTML control dhtmlxGrid and combines editable grid and tree view. Ajax support and rich JavaScript API brings great flexibility to the treegrid allowing you to create completely customizable dynamic tables with expandable rows. Advanced data entry capabilities make the treegrid more interactive and let users to enter and edit table data in intuitive way. The possibility to dynamically expand/collapse table rows assigned to the corresponding tree items makes this treegrid control a perfect solution for displaying tables with unlimited number of rows. To handle large amount of data efficiently, dhtmlxTreeGrid also provides such features as Smart XML Parsing (renders grid rows dynamically on node opening) and Smart Rendering (renders only rows situated in the visible area; available since v.1.6.). As an extension of dhtmlxGrid the treegrid deploys all its functionality including client-side data editing and sorting, columns resizing and different cell types. The control provides advanced drag-n-drop capabilities (both drop-between and drop-inside are supported) and the ability to work in a split mode (frozen columns). Furthermore, starting from version 1.6 dhtmlxTreeGrid provides long-expected paging support. Built-in filtering capabilities as well as automatically calculated values for footer/header are now available in treegrid mode. Being written entirely in JavaScript dhtmlxTreeGrid runs on client-side and allows manipulating and editing tree/table data on the fly. As communication between server and client is driven via Ajax mechanism, tree grid content is loaded asynchronously through XMLHTTP and can be updated without the whole page refreshing. dhtmlxTreeGrid can be populated with data via JavaScript or from server data source (via XML). It provides robust and comprehensive solution that can greatly enrich any web application with dynamic content.

This is changelog for dhtmlxTreeGrid version 4.6 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

dhtmlxTreeGrid - screenshot #1

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