Download Source Code Projectfork 4.3.3

Tobias Kuhn is announcing that Projectfork with version number 4.3.3 is already available to download.

What is Projectfork ?

Projectfork is .

Projectfork is a way for teams to collaborate on the Web, work together on projects, share goals, divide tasks, and track their worked hours. It can be used for in-office jobs or for freelancing gigs, allowing users to define their project’s timeline, work on it, and even bill clients for it. Projectfork seamlessly integrates with the Joomla CMS, coming with a special dashboard in the CMS’ backend, but also accessible from the site’s frontend. Projectfork is packed as a Joomla component, and so it can be installed and configured as one. Installation: Go to the Joomla admin section. Select “Extensions” -> “Install/Uninstall/Extensions Manager”. Upload the package’s ZIP archive file and press “Upload & Install”. Projectfork is currently available under two different licenses, one free and one commercial, each with its own feature set.

This is changelog for Projectfork version 4.3.3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Projectfork - Projectfork is a Joomla module for managing projects in the site's backend and frontendProjectfork - Webmasters can easily create projects and organize them in categoriesProjectfork - screenshot #3Projectfork - They can also add milestones for each project they createProjectfork - screenshot #5Projectfork - Projectfork also allows users to manage their project's tasksProjectfork - screenshot #7Projectfork - Multiple tasks can be grouped together in task listsProjectfork - screenshot #9Projectfork - A time-tracking utility is also included with the Projectfork extensionProjectfork - screenshot #11Projectfork - A file-sharing repository feature is also included with ProjectforkProjectfork - A forum module allows users to talk to each other on important mattersProjectfork - screenshot #14Projectfork - Projectfork also allows multiple users to register and participate in discussionsProjectfork - All user responses will be logged as comments and moderated in the Projectfork backendProjectfork - Projectfork will automatically add his own menu to Joomla's menu management featureProjectfork - On the frontend, users can check out all Projectfork's projectsProjectfork - They can check out a description and view a list of all projectsProjectfork - screenshot #20Projectfork - For each project, they can check out the milestones, the tasks, the tracked time, the shared files, and participating usersProjectfork - screenshot #22Projectfork - screenshot #23Projectfork - screenshot #24Projectfork - screenshot #25

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