Linux News Today: Mesa 11.0.8 3D Graphics Library Has Patches for GRID Autosport, BSD Build Fixes

Collabora’s Emil Velikov has announced earlier today, December 21, the immediate availability for download of the eighth maintenance release in the Mesa 11.0 3D Graphics Library series.

According to the release announcement, Mesa 11.0.8 is here to introduce over 60 changes when compared to the previous maintenance version, which was published approximately two weeks ago. Among the highlights, we can mention patches for the GRID Autosport racing game for SteamOS and GNU/Linux operating systems running on Intel i965 and GLSL drivers.

Moreover, the eighth point release in the Mesa 11.0 series brings geometry shaders support for Radeon R600 graphics cards, various improvements to RadeonSI Fiji and Hyper-Z, and some fixes for the Nouveau open source video driver for Nvidia GPUs. Moreover, there are Freedreno fixes for piglits, Intel i965 UBOs enhancements, as well as a couple of BSD-related build fixes.

“Mesa 11.0.8 is now available. This release brings a significant amount of fixes – from radeonsi (Fiji, Hyper-Z), r600 (geom. shaders), nouveau (ir), freedreno (piglits), i965 (UBOs) and a few patches for “GRID Autosport” (i965 and glsl). Last but not least – a few more BSD related build fixes are included,” said Emil Velikov, Software Release Engineer for Collabora.

Users should move to Mesa 11.1

Now that the Mesa 11.1 has reached stable and it is the most advanced Mesa 3D Graphics Library available, we recommend users to move to it as soon as possible, or more precisely as soon as the new packages land in the default software repositories of your GNU/Linux operating system.

The Mesa 11.0.8 is here to fix issues for users of the Mesa 11.0 branch, which will soon reach end of life, so you’ll still have to switch to the Mesa 11.1 series. If you’re using Mesa 11.0.7, please upgrade to Mesa 11.0.8 immediately by downloading the source package from our website and start compiling by hand.

Via Softpedia