Linux News Today: UbuCon Summit Conference to Start in One Month in California

Canonical is going to host its first live convention, UbuCon, in just a month. We’re saying first because it’s been a really long time since the previous one.

Canonical figured out a while back that the Ubuntu conferences were not really reaching all the people they wanted. Not everyone could attend, and the cost of organizing such a big event for the most used Linux operating system in the world could not be justified.

The team switched to an online summit where everyone could participate, all the developers were available from the comfort of their own home, and any user could watch and participate in the discussions. If you think about it, this sounds like the ideal format. Or is it?

UbuCon is more than just talk

One of the questions that have been floating around since forever was about a real Ubuntu convention. Fans and users from the Ubuntu community organized their own events, but they wanted something from Canonical.

Having an online meeting seems like an efficient way of doing things, but it’s a little too impersonal. Some of the developers working together on the same projects hardly meet in person, and the UbuCon might smooth things a little bit.

“Ubucon Summit attendance is 100% free, but we ask you to register first. We also recommend not to miss out on the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) which runs concurrently and is the host to the UbuCon Summit. Whether you select an expo-only pass or a full pass to attend the featured SCALE speaker sessions, you won’t regret attending. Consider registering for SCALE too and use the coupon code UBNTU for 50% off a full-access pass that lets you enjoy all 4 days of the SCALE experience,” reads the official website.

Even if there are just two days for this conference, it’s going to be packed. As you can expect, the keynote will be given by Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical. Users will also get to see what’s happening with the convergence, Internet of Things, gaming on the Linux platform, the Ubuntu phone, and much more.

UbuCon will be the perfect opportunity to learn all that Canonical has planned for the future and to get a glimpse of what’s coming.

Via Softpedia