Download Source Code GINO CMS 2.5.0

Otto srl is announcing that GINO CMS with version number 2.5.0 is already available to download.

What is GINO CMS ?


GINO CMS provides all the tools necessary to setup a live website, complete with lots of useful content administration features. This includes an admin panel where webmasters can tweak the site’s layout, play around with its CSS, add content to pages, and manage the userbase. Multi-lingual support is included thanks to the language management module, allowing webmasters to run the website in an i18n format. Other modules included out of the box with the CMS allow easy management of the site’s menus, header, footer, pages, attachments, and for viewing traffic statistics. GINO CMS also features advanced server error management, its own caching system, and a built-in search engine. All in all, the GINO CMS is a pretty solid product, built atop the MVC philosophy and using other fully-proven open source tools like MooTools and Bootstrap. Installation instructions are provided with the download package.

This is changelog for GINO CMS version 2.5.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: GINO CMS - A sample, default GINO CMS homepage GINO CMS - A sample, default GINO CMS homepage

GINO CMS - A sample, default GINO CMS homepageGINO CMS - A login page protects the admin panel from unauthorized loginsGINO CMS - The admin dashboard will help webmasters manage their siteGINO CMS - A language manager is included with the GINO CMSGINO CMS - GINO CMS also includes a powerful module managerGINO CMS - User managemenet features are also includedGINO CMS - GINO CMS also lets admins edit CSS filesGINO CMS - The website's layout can also be managed from the backendGINO CMS - Various options are available for each page

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