Download Source Code Open eShop 2.2.0

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Chema Garrido is announcing that Open eShop with version number 2.2.0 is already available to download.

What is Open eShop ?

Open eShop is .

Open eShop is built on top of known and professional open source tools like Kohana, Bootstrap, Mobile_Detect, hybridAuth, Raty, SCEditor, jQuery and many other more. Running on the classic PHP & MySQL setup, this e-commerce platform allows webmasters to easily install and get a shop running in no time. Using a simple and minimal administration panel to let admins add products to their store, the platform is quite easy to use and should be no problem in giving it over to a client or store employee and have him manage it. There are themes and widgets for the frontend and the store can easily be expanded via add-ons if needed. Lots of under-the-hood tools are also included, some low-level features which developers will love, like the email template manager, the cache control system, or the sitemap generator. This will help them manage the store and keep any shop built on the Open eShop platform on top of various search engine results lists.

This is changelog for Open eShop version 2.2.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Open eShop - Open eShop comes with a store administration panelOpen eShop - New products can easily be added to the storeOpen eShop - Open eShop will track all user ordersOpen eShop - Support is included for managing coupons, downloadable files, and static pagesOpen eShop - screenshot #5Open eShop - screenshot #6Open eShop - Administrators can manage email templates, translations, and newslettersOpen eShop - screenshot #8Open eShop - screenshot #9Open eShop - The store frontend can be customized via themes and widgetsOpen eShop - screenshot #11Open eShop - The store menus can be customized any way the admin wantsOpen eShop - Various configuration options are available for all Open eShop storesOpen eShop - screenshot #14Open eShop - screenshot #15Open eShop - screenshot #16Open eShop - screenshot #17Open eShop - screenshot #18Open eShop - User roles and individual user profiles can easily be managed via Open eShopOpen eShop - screenshot #20Open eShop - Various management tools are included with Open eShopOpen eShop - screenshot #22Open eShop - screenshot #23Open eShop - A marketplace is also available inside the Open eShop dashboard for buying new modules and add-onsOpen eShop - Users can also open tickets for the products they buyOpen eShop - A statistics center is included with the Open eShop scriptOpen eShop - The Open eShop admin panel is password-protectedOpen eShop - An installation wizard is also included with Open eShop