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ZingChart Team is announcing that ZingChart with version number 2.2.2 is already available to download.

What is ZingChart ?

ZingChart is .

ZingChart was initially developed as a Flash charting component, but has since moved on to a more modern approach using JavaScript and HTML5. Currently it is one of the most powerful charting toolkits around, being able to handle large quantities of data, update its graphs in real-time, while also supporting a large number of charting types and a powerful API for visualizing information in non-standard formats. The library comes with lots of customizable settings that let developers change everything displayed with a chart, starting from the tiniest labels on the axes, the legend field, and going up to the overall color scheme and chart types. Classic chart formats like bar, line, pie, and area are supported, but you can also create Venn diagrams, interactive maps, gauges, word clouds, and many other more. Chart exporting, saving, zooming, scrolling, and animation is also supported, along with PhantomJS, Node.js, and jQuery support. ZingChart is available for free if you can’t afford to pay for a commercial license, but in this case all charts produced by the library are branded. To remove the branding, just purchase one of the commercial licenses. Some of the companies that have used ZingChart include big names like Microsoft, Apple, NASDAQ, Adobe, Alcatel, Boeing, and Cisco. Supported Chart Types: – Area – Bar – Bubble – Bullet – Chord – Funnel – Gauge – Grid – Line – Maps – Pareto – Piano – Pie – Radar – Rankflow – Scatter – Stock – Treemap – Venn – Wordcloud

This is changelog for ZingChart version 2.2.2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ZingChart - ZingChart is a powerful JavaScript charting toolkit for displaying statistical information onlineZingChart - Various chart types are supported, even non-conventional onesZingChart - Developers can customize every facet of a ZingChart figure, from colors to legend fieldsZingChart - screenshot #4ZingChart - screenshot #5ZingChart - screenshot #6ZingChart - screenshot #7ZingChart - screenshot #8ZingChart - screenshot #9ZingChart - screenshot #10ZingChart - screenshot #11