Linux News Today: Fedora 24 Release Schedule and Features Revealed

The Fedora team have managed to finalize the release schedule for Fedora 24, but users need to keep in mind that it’s not set in stone.

The Fedora developers are preparing for another major release and it looks like they are finally on track. There were very few delays for Fedora 23, and if everything works out the same for the new branch, we should get the new versions really close to the proposed schedule.

Unlike other distributions, like Ubuntu, for example, the schedule for Fedora is not binding. This means that the Fedora developers will not hesitate to postpone until the problem has been fixed. The versions that usually get delayed are the Alphas and the Betas, but they also push the final release as well.

Not all users realize that Fedora is actually a testing area for Red Hat and the features and changes that are implemented in each new release usually land in RHEL. It’s a long process, but it’s proven, and they will stick to it.

When is Fedora 24 launching?

That’s actually a difficult question since the team doesn’t offer any kind of guarantees. On the other hand, users usually prefer to wait for a stable and functioning version that’s late than to use something broken earlier.

The Alpha release for Fedora 24 is expected to arrive on March 3, the Beta should land on April 12, the final freeze will happen on May 3, and the stable version should be here on May 17. All of these dates will only be respected in the best-case scenario, but that’s wishful thinking.

Also, a lot of the new features for Fedora 24 have been revealed as well, along with the adoption of GCC 6 by default, Ruby 2.3, Node.js 4.2, Python 3.5, NetworkManager 1.2, live media creator, and most likely GNOME 3.20.

Via Softpedia

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