Download Source Code Drupal 8.0.3 / 7.42 / 6.37 / 9.x-dev

The Drupal Association is announcing that Drupal with version number 8.0.3 / 7.42 / 6.37 / 9.x-dev is already available to download.

What is Drupal ?

Drupal is .

Drupal is part of the CMS trifecta alongside Joomla & WordPress, rotating the title of best CMS amongst each other for the past 10-15 years. Used for popular websites ranging from the White House’s online presence and to, the CMS can be used for any kind of site, ranging from personal sites to large Intranets and online shops. A big part of its appeal is its huge database of free or commercial themes and modules, allowing non-technical users to create websites without too much hassle on their part. Drupal can be setup and ready to use within minutes, thanks to its easy to follow installer, and once everything ready, an administration panel can be accessed by the admin where he can then start creating his website. Here he can customize the site’s overall settings, add pages, install modules, switch between themes, track website usage, and various other more. The CMS supports multi-lingual installations, and the community has contributed top of the line modules for running fully-equipped online stores, social networks, and discussion forums on Drupal’s core. If you’ve been working in Web development and haven’t heard about Drupal, it may be a hint that you’re really not that good at your job.

This is changelog for Drupal version 8.0.3 / 7.42 / 6.37 / 9.x-dev :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Drupal - Installation processDrupal - Admin dashboardDrupal - Administration shortcutsDrupal - Adding a static pageDrupal - Listing articles and pages (content)Drupal - Content structure administrationDrupal - Bloc administrationDrupal - Bloc administrationDrupal - Administration quick linksDrupal - Menu managerDrupal - Editing a menuDrupal - Taxonomy managerDrupal - Theme managerDrupal - User administrationDrupal - Editing user detailsDrupal - Website appearance settingsDrupal - Module administrationDrupal - Reports pageDrupal - Recently logged messagesDrupal - Status reportDrupal - IP address banningDrupal - Site informationDrupal - Cron toolDrupal - Managing quick links and admin shortcutsDrupal - Performance settingsDrupal - Maintenance mode editingDrupal - Image resizing settingsDrupal - Image quality settingsDrupal - WYSIWYG formatsDrupal - RSS feed settingsDrupal - Date and time optionsDrupal - Regional settingsDrupal - Search settingsDrupal - Viewing an article on the front-pageDrupal - User profileDrupal - Drupal static page, not logged in
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