Download Source Code MODx Revolution 2.4.3-pl

MODX Team is announcing that MODx Revolution with version number 2.4.3-pl is already available to download.

What is MODx Revolution ?

MODx Revolution is .

After the MODx platform was updated a few months back, the codebase was split into two separate branches: MODX Revolution – an up-to-date version running on current PHP technologies MODx Evolution – the original MODx platform codebase MODX Revolution is not only a CMS, but a framework at the same time, making it a CMF (Content Management Framework), and one of the best at it. MODX Revolution works in the same way as the older platform, sharing a “similar” (not identical) UI, but using newer technologies, without any worries of them getting deprecated, out-dated or adding security loopholes into the site. The main advantage of using MODx Revolution over any other CMS is its versatility over managing the any type of content, nut just static pages and blog posts. This means you can easily deploy MODx for everything from a one-page website to a Intranet or even a social networking site.

This is changelog for MODx Revolution version 2.4.3-pl :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

MODx Revolution - MODx Revolution features an easy to use installation assistantMODx Revolution - To access the administration panel, you need a special backend accountMODx Revolution - Once logged in, the admin dashboard provides an introspective over recent website activityMODx Revolution - Adding a Web page is extremely easy with the MODx Revolution platformMODx Revolution - Various page settings can be tweaked to control how it behavesMODx Revolution - The MODx Revolution frontend is controlled by templates which can be edited in the backendMODx Revolution - Reusable code snippets can be added to the siteMODx Revolution - A built-in search tool helps admins find content on larger MODx Revolution installationsMODx Revolution - CMS users can be managed from the MODx Revolution admin panelMODx Revolution - User profile details can be edited in-depthMODx Revolution - Users can also be organized in categories if neededMODx Revolution - MODx Revolution provides access to a fine grained permissions system and customizable user rolesMODx Revolution - MODx Revolution can import content from a static HTML websiteMODx Revolution - MODx Revolution supports customizable variable and property setsMODx Revolution - Media sources can be edited and added to the built-in file managerMODx Revolution - A scheduling tool is included with MODx RevolutionMODx Revolution - An error and system logging tool is included for easy CMS debuggingMODx Revolution - Various system and database management tools are embedded with the MODx Revolution platformMODx Revolution - The MODx Revolution core can be extended via modules (packages)MODx Revolution - Various system settings can be edited from the MODx Revolution administration panelMODx Revolution - MODx Revolution supports managing custom data types for customizable installationsMODx Revolution - An internal messaging system ships with MODx
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