Download Source Code Redaxscript 2.6.2

Redaxmedia is announcing that Redaxscript with version number 2.6.2 is already available to download.

What is Redaxscript ?

Redaxscript is .

Redaxscript is very lightweight, simple, customizable, pluggable and much more. It was developed with speed in mind, working from a light code frame and with as much features as it can support without bulking up too much. Redaxscript is perfect for small to medium websites, fairing well with high traffic loads and comes with lots of SEO friendly features.

This is changelog for Redaxscript version 2.6.2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Redaxscript - Redaxscript comes with an installation wizardRedaxscript - Articles can easily be added to the Redaxscript CMS backendRedaxscript - Articles and pages can be managed from the same locationRedaxscript - Content can be organized in categories inside the Redaxscript CMSRedaxscript - Redaxscript comes with a comments moderation utilityRedaxscript - Redaxscript allows users can edit their own profileRedaxscript - Redaxscript is a multi-user content management systemRedaxscript - Redaxscript supports organizing users in groups with different permissionsRedaxscript - Lots of customizable settings are available in the Redaxscript CMS backendRedaxscript - Modules can also be installed and uninstalled in the Redaxscript admin panelRedaxscript - Redaxscript comes with a sample frontend themeRedaxscript - Redaxscript supports responsive layouts and mobile devices

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