Linux News Today: PC-BSD Devs Release Lumina Desktop 0.8.8 Environment with Interface Tweaks

PC-BSD’s Ken Moore today, February 10, reports the release and general availability of the Lumina Desktop 0.8.8 environment for the project’s PC-BSD computer operating system.

The primary development focus for Lumina Desktop 0.8.8 was to fix most of the reported bugs, but the team also managed to tweak the user interface a little bit, as well as to expand the current functionality of the desktop environment.

Additionally, it would appear that the build infrastructure also received some major improvements as part of the Lumina Desktop 0.8.8 release, which should allow the PC-BSD devs to add the build specifications directly into the Lumina project files.

This change should make it a lot easier for PC-BSD users to build the Lumina desktop environment using the freely distributed sources and without the need of special build instructions for the operating system they’re building the desktop.

“In addition to this, we also now have support for NetBSD systems out-of-box. The number of subsystems which are enabled in the NetBSD support file is still a bit light, but the basics are all there and the support file can easily be expanded later on by any NetBSD user/developer,” said Ken Moore.

While still working hard on the new window manager, the PC-BSD developers also noted the fact that the 1.0 stable milestone of the Lumina desktop environment should be released sometime in July, alongside FreeBSD 11.0.

Via Softpedia

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