Linux News Today: Gets a New Look for the Tablet Section, Rest of Website to Follow

With the new Ubuntu tablet out the door, Canonical also had to upgrade the website to reflect the changes accordingly, so now has a really nice section dedicated to the BQ Aquaris M10.

If we don’t take Android into account, we can’t really say that there are successful Linux-based tablet out there. It’s not clear why that came to pass, but until this Ubuntu-powered tablet landed, there wasn’t much competition. To be fair, there is not much competition right now, since Apple and Google pretty much dominate the market, but BQ Aquaris M10 is the only one that can double down as a regular PC.

In any case, the was lagging behind, and it has been updated with information on the tablet. Canonical went a little bit further, and it looks like they are planning to make some serious changes to the website. The most obvious one is that the pages and the information is better structured, making the design a little bit cleared. redesign took some time

This is not the kind of redesign that’s been done over the weekend. It took some doing, and it will be for the entire website. For now, it’s only for the new tablet, but soon it’s going to spread.

“In this redesign, we have broken out of the box, removing the container that previously held the content of the pages. This makes each page feel more spacious, giving the text and the images plenty of room to shine. This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while across the entire site, so we thought that having the beautiful, large tablet photos to work with gave us a good excuse to try out this new approach,” Canonical’s Inayaili de León Persson wrote.

Canonical is going through some changes, and it all has to do with the evolution of Ubuntu in the mobile market. It’s going to take some doing, but the website is finally catching up to the rest of the products.

Via Softpedia