Linux News Today: Debian-Based SparkyLinux 4.3 "Tyche" Distro Launches with Linux Kernel 4.5.1

Today, April 29, 2016, the SparkyLinux development team was proud to announce the release of the SparkyLinux 4.3 “Tyche” operating system, which has been in development for the past few months.

Based on the latest Debian GNU/Linux 9.0 “Stretch” operating system, SparkyLinux 4.3 “Tyche” lands today with numerous flavors, among which we can mention with the KDE, MATE, Xfce, LXDE, and LXQt desktop environments, but also the new MinimalGUI and MinimalCLI editions, which were previously known as Base Openbox and CLI.

“New, updated iso images of SparkyLinux 4.3 ‘Tyche’ are available now,” reads today’s announcement. “As before, Sparky ‘Home’ editions provide fully featured operating system based on the Debian ‘testing’, with desktops of your choice: LXDE, LXQt, KDE, MATE and Xfce.”

Powered by Linux kernel 4.5.1

Probably the biggest change in SparkyLinux 4.3 “Tyche” is the addition of Linux kernel 4.5.1, but the desktop-oriented GNU/Linux operating system also ships with the Mozilla Firefox web browser instead of Iceweasel, the Corebird Twitter client instead of Turpial, APTus 0.3.x, which now features a new option that lets users install a set of pre-configured desktops.

Furthermore, the GStreamer 1.0 multimedia backend has been added, along with the LibreOffice 5.1.2 office suite and Audacious audio player as a replacement for Exaile, the latest OpenJDK 8 and IcedTea plugin are also present, Gscreenshot replaces GNOME Screenshot as the default screenshot utility, and the NetworkManager network connection manager was added in the CLI edition.

As expected, the entire system has been synchronized with the upstream Debian software repositories as of April 24, 2016. You can download SparkyLinux 4.3 KDE, SparkyLinux 4.3 Xfce, SparkyLinux 4.3 MATE, SparkyLinux 4.3 LXDE, SparkyLinux 4.3 LXQt, and SparkyLinux 4.3 MinimalCLI/MinimalGUI editions via our website. All ISOs are signed with a GPG key.

Via Softpedia

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