Linux News Today: Mesa 3D 11.2.1 Graphics Library Gets First RC, Adds DRIRC Workaround for Warsow

Collabora’s Emil Velikov published details about the availability of the RC (Release Candidate) build for the upcoming point release for Mesa 3D 11.2 Graphics Library.

Starting April 14, 2016, the Mesa 11.2.1 3D Graphics Library is now officially in development, with a first Release Candidate build out the door and promising several improvements to the latest stable branch of the software used by default in numerous GNU/Linux operating systems.

Among the changes implemented until now in the upcoming Mesa 11.2.1 3D Graphics Library update, we can mention several fixes for crashes with the Video Acceleration API (VAAPI) and Nine components, a DRIRC workaround for the Warsow FPS game, as well as assorted improvements and fixes for the Intel i965, Nouveau, and RadeonSI drivers.

“We do have a few regressions for swrast and a ‘wrong error’ when creating invalid OpenGL ES contexts for all drivers. Barring any objections I’m inclined to keep the queue as-is as I’m looking at the latter,” said Emil Velikov, a software release engineer working for Collabora. “Take a look at section “Mesa stable queue” for more information.”

Mesa 3D 11.2.1 launches later this spring

The final release of the Mesa 3D 11.2.1 Graphics Library arrives later this spring or in early summer 2016 as the first maintenance build in the stable 11.2 series. At the moment of writing this article, there’s no official release schedule published for the upcoming point release, so we can’t tell you an official launch date, nor how many RCs it will have during it development cycle.

But for now, you can help the Mesa developers find more bugs that need to be patched before the final Mesa 11.2.1 3D Graphics Library gets out by downloading the source archive right now via our website. However, please try to keep in mind that this is a pre-release verison of Mesa 11.2.1, so don’t install it on your production system. Check the official changelog for more details on the changes implemented in the RC1 release.

Via Softpedia