Download Source Code Chevereto 3.7.5 / 2.6.0

Chevereto Development Team is announcing that Chevereto with version number 3.7.5 / 2.6.0 is already available to download.

What is Chevereto ?

Chevereto is .

Chevereto comes in two main branches, the 2.x branch which is open sourced for anyone to use and abuse in any way or form, and the 3.x series, a commercial version with more features and coded to work with more modern technologies. As a product, Chevereto is a pretty well executed toolkit, coming with a specialized backend for webmasters, and frontend profile pages for users that want to upload and host their portfolios. Images can be uploaded one at a time or in bulk, placed in albums, organized in categories, marked for adult audiences only, and even extended with a description field. Once images uploaded and published, they can be viewed on their own special page or via user profile pages, Chevereto allowing users to comment on photos and share them on various social networks. If you have enough users uploading and contributing to the site, the platforms also comes with “Random” navigation feature and a built-in search engine. Users can also set various access settings for their photos, and customize their own profiles in various ways and forms.

This is changelog for Chevereto version 3.7.5 / 2.6.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Chevereto - Chevereto will let users easily upload photos and have them hosted onlineChevereto - Support for multi-file uploads is includedChevereto - Users can register and have uploaded images attached to their own account and profile pageChevereto - Each image's details can be edited at any pointChevereto - Chevereto account details can also be edited later onChevereto - For each uploaded photo, Chevereto also creates a special page for viewing the photo

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