Linux News Today: Antergos Linux Users Are Getting the Latest Cinnamon 3.0 and MATE 1.14 Desktops

Today, June 12, 2016, Dustin Falgout from Antergos, a rolling and elegant Arch Linux-based operating system, had the pleasure of announcing the availability of the latest Cinnamon 3.0 and MATE 1.14 desktop environments in the official repos.

Both MATE 1.14 and Cinnamon 3.0 desktops were released back in April, but it looks like it takes a while for the maintainers of various GNU/Linux operating systems to update them in their distros, that including Ubuntu MATE, which just brought the MATE 1.14 packages for their new Xenial Xerus (16.04) release, and now Antergos.

Antergos is based on Arch Linux, and pacman is its package management system. Therefore, the Antergos devs are taking this opportunity to inform the community about the priority of the Antergos Repo in pacman.conf, the configuration file of the pacman command-line package manager of Arch Linux.

Long story short, it appears that the order of the software repositories listed in the pacman.conf file matters when you update an Arch Linux-based operating system. The Antergos repo was always the last one listed there, but it looks like users who have an Antergos install older than one month need to change the priority of the repo.

“We’re not going to go into all the details here, but suffice it to say we have decided to package the latest versions of MATE and Cinnamon until such time it no longer makes sense to do so,” said Dustin. “We’ve created a special package to assist those affected users with this change so that it is as quick and painless as possible.”

Here’s how to update to MATE 1.14 and Cinnamon 3.0 in Antergos

If you are using either of the Cinnamon or MATE desktop environments in Antergos, and you have installed the OS in your personal computer more than a month ago, you’ll first need to read this Antergos Repo Priority wiki article to install the antergos-repo-priority package, which will automatically change the order of the repos.

Then, you can use the pacman utility in a terminal emulator, or your favorite pacman GUI, to update your system to the latest MATE 1.14 and Cinnamon 3.0 packages. For more details, please read the today’s announcement, where you’ll be able to report any issues to the Antergos devs in case you run into any trouble with the upgrade process.

Via Softpedia