How to Install Android Studio on Fedora 35

Android Studio is a robust integrated development environment (IDE)for Android development, based on IntelliJ IDEA. It is the first choice for an app developer to develop applications for Google’s Android operating system.

It is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS.

Here, we will see how to install Android Studio on Fedora 35.

System Requirements

You will need a Fedora system with GNOME or KDE Desktop, VT support (optional), and 8 GB RAM or more for Android Studio installation.

Install KVM on Fedora

First, check your CPU supports Intel VT / AMD SVM or not.

egrep --color 'vmx|svm' /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l

Output: If the above output is non-zero, then your machine has Intel or AMD virtualization support.


Then, install the KVM to have hardware acceleration for the better performance of Android Studio if your machine supports VT technology.

sudo dnf -y install qemu-kvm bridge-utils libvirt virt-install

Install Android Studio on Fedora 35

You can follow any one of the below methods to install Android Studio on Fedora 35.
1. Using Snap 2. Using Official Package

1. Install Android Studio Using Snap

Android studio is available as a snap package for Fedora operating system. So, first, install the Snap package management on your system.

sudo dnf install -y snapd sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap sudo snap install core && sudo snap refresh core

Then, install Android Studio using the snap command.

sudo snap install android-studio --classic

The installation will take some time to complete. After the installation of Android Studio, verify the installation using the below command.

sudo snap list android-studio


Name            Version      Rev  Tracking       Publisher     Notes android-studio  2020.3.1.24  115  latest/stable  snapcrafters  classic 

2. Install Android Studio From Official Archive

First, install 32-bit libraries for Android Studio installation.

sudo dnf install -y zlib.i686 ncurses-libs.i686 bzip2-libs.i686

Next, open a web browser and visit the below link to download the latest version of Android Studio from the official website.


Use the below command to download the Android Studio package using the terminal.

cd /tmp wget

Then, extract the downloaded archive using the tar command.

sudo tar -zxvf android-studio-*-linux.tar.gz sudo mv android-studio /opt/

And then, link the executable to /bin directory so that you can start Android Studio using the android-studio command.

sudo ln -sf /opt/android-studio/bin/ /bin/android-studio

Create a desktop entry so that you start Android Studio from the Activities menu.

sudo nano /usr/share/applications/android-studio.desktop

Use the following information in the above file.

[Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Type=Application Name=Android Studio Comment=Android Studio Exec=bash -i "/opt/android-studio/bin/" %f Icon=/opt/android-studio/bin/studio.png Categories=Development;IDE; Terminal=false StartupNotify=true StartupWMClass=jetbrains-android-studio Name[en_GB]=android-studio.desktop

Launch Android Studio

Start Android Studio by going to Activities » Search for Android Studio or running the android-studio command in the terminal.

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