Ubuntu Now “Just Works” on the Framework Laptop

If you’re lucky enough to own the modular marvel that is the Framework laptop you’ll be thrilled to know that Ubuntu finally “just works” on the device.

Ubuntu did, of course, work prior to now as well, but some of the laptop’s uniquely-upgradable hardware was not supported ‘out-of-the-box’. Many of those looking to run the latest LTS release on the device had to perform a few manual interventions to get core features, including the Wi-Fi and fingerprint reader, working as intended.

It was also was necessary to disable the display’s Panel Self Refresh feature to avoid screen tearing and visual artefacts being left on screen; and a custom kernel boot parameter had to be set to improve battery life of the device when asleep.

But the recent Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS release renders these efforts moot; the latest point release is said to “work smoothly” out-of-the-box with no manual workarounds required.

Since its launch last year the Framework Laptop is, understandably, picking up plaudits left, right, and center thanks to its focus on performance, repairability, and upgradeability.

Framework is a middle finger flexed proud to the tide of tech obsolescence, with an ethos reaching well beyond the confines of eco-conscious tech nerds and into the mainstream: Time badged it one of the best inventions of 2021.

Like Framework, Ubuntu is continually upgradeable, modular, and aims to transfer agency from big tech to individual users.