Linux News Today: Canonical Joins The Document Foundation's LibreOffice Project Advisory Board

Today, July 26, 2016, Canonical and The Document Foundation (TDF) announced that the company behind the popular Ubuntu operating system had joined the LibreOffice project Advisory Board.

If you’re using the Ubuntu Linux OS on your personal computer, you are aware of the fact that the award-winning LibreOffice office suite is installed by default. Canonical chose to use LibreOffice as the default office suite for its widely-used GNU/Linux operating system since the first release of the open-source software in early 2011.

Now that Canonical announced the availability of Snaps as universal binary packages for Ubuntu and other supported GNU/Linux distributions, many application developers decided to offer their software in the Snap package format, and it looks like The Document Foundation is among the first to adopt the latest Snappy technologies for LibreOffice.

“We are extremely pleased to become a member of the LibreOffice Project Advisory Board and having the opportunity to provide our guidance and insights to help improve LibreOffice for users around the world,” said Will Cooke, Desktop Engineering Manager for Canonical. “At Canonical, we believe in the power of open source software.”

LibreOffice 5.2 will be offered as a Snap universal binary package

The best part of today’s press announcement received by Softpedia from both Canonical and The Document Foundation is that the upcoming LibreOffice 5.2 office suite will be offered as a Snap universal binary package primarily for the Ubuntu Linux operating system, but also for any other OS that supports Snaps.

Not only that the Snap universal Linux packaging system provides secure and transactional updates for software applications that are distributed in this new binary format, but, according to The Document Foundation, the maintenance of LibreOffice is made easier and simpler than ever.

Starting today, Canonical is part of the Advisory Board of The Document Foundation and LibreOffice project, whose primary function is to represent the sponsors of The Document Foundation organization, as well as to offer guidance, advice and proposals to the Board of Directors.

“Canonical has been an active member of the LibreOffice community since the early days, and one of the most frequent sponsors of the LibreOffice Conference. By becoming a member of the project Advisory Board, Canonical will provide the experience and the insights necessary to improve the presence of free software – and LibreOffice – inside enterprises and public administrations worldwide”, says Marina Latini, Chairwoman of The Document Foundation.

Via Softpedia

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