Linux News Today: 4MParted 15.0 Distrolette Is Now in Beta, Based on GParted 0.24.0 and 4MLinux 15.0

Zbigniew Konojacki, the creator and lead developer of the 4MLinux project, which is responsible for various Live CDs and GNU/Linux distributions, including 4MRescueKit, Antivirus Live CD, and BakAndImgCD, informed us about the release of 4MParted 15.0 Beta.

4MParted is the last project to enter the 15.0 series, which are based on the upcoming 4MLinux Core 15.0 operating system. The new Beta build of 4MParted 15.0 includes the GParted 0.24.0 open-source partition editor software and uses the 4MLinux 15.0 Beta OS as the base system.

“4MParted is a very small live CD designed for disk partitioning. It’s a part of 4MRescueKit, which in turn is one of the three main 4MLinux releases available for download. This version includes GParted 0.24.0 and it uses 4MLinux 15.0 as the base system,” said Zbigniew Konojacki.

4MParted is part of the 4MRescueKit project, a collection of tools designed for PC maintenance operations, including disk imaging, disk partitioning, as well as system restore, backup, and recovery. 4MParted is not an operating system, but a Live CD that you need to run directly from a USB or CD media.

Those of you who wish to take this Beta build of 4MParted 15.0 for a test drive can do so by downloading the ISO image right now from Softpedia. Please note that this is a pre-release version, which means that you shouldn’t use it in production environments.

Via Softpedia

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