Flock is now Using Chrome!

Whata good news about Flock, Flock is a famous web browser specially designed for social networking. It have inbuilt support for services like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogging and many more. At first, they edited the Firefox’s free and open source code to build this famous social web browser! So, Flock was like a modified version of the world famous Firefox browser! But the new Google Chrome, started to steal some popularity from Mozilla Firefox and now, they are about to steal Flock from Firefox!

As I said earlier, Flock was initially based on Firefox. But their latest beta release have used Google Chrome as the foundation for Flock 3! On September 2008, Google released a new innovative browser which is more simpler and faster. This Google Chrome became very popular among the people. It was even able to challenge the big giants like Firefox, Safari and Opera. Because of this, these giants started to steal some ideas from Google Chrome such as the simple interface. But, to tell you the truth, even that was unable to stop Google Chrome.

From the begging, Flock did a really great job with Mozilla Firefox by providing us the best social experience a browser can offer. But it seems to be that Firefox is not enough for Flock. Because of this, Flock have decided to ditch Firefox and start their work with Google Chrome. It have also added some cool features like automatic session saving and RSS support which original Google Chrome lacks. Actually, this will be a great blow for Firefox and a Great reward for Chrome. So, If your a Chrome lover, you can stick to Chrome for ever!

Via Techhamlet

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