Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-8.5 to Arrive Next Week with Important Fixes for Ubuntu Phones

Today, December 8, Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak has just sent his daily report for the day of December 7, 2015, to inform both Ubuntu Touch developer and Ubuntu Phone users about the latest work done for the upcoming OTA software updates.

According to Mr. Zemczak, on the day of Monday, December 7, the Ubuntu Touch developers have concentrated most of their efforts on patching the last remaining issues for the upcoming OTA-8.5 hotfix update, which not got an approximate release date, scheduled sometime next week.

Moreover, they also managed to build the first Release Candidate image for the Ubuntu Touch OTA-8.5 software update, but there’s one more bug that needs to be fixed, a store authorization issue. However, because the String and Feature Freeze of the OTA-9 update knock at the door, the QA team decided to start testing of OTA-8.5.

“We have built our first OTA-8.5 candidate image today,” said Łukasz Zemczak. “The regression test suite for all devices will take approximately the whole week, so the earlies expected date of OTA-8.5 would be somewhere around next week. We will know more once the validation starts.”

The nightly rc-proposed builds have been delayed

Because of the fact that the Ubuntu Touch team begin the building of the Release Candidate images for OTA-8.5, the nightly rc-proposed channels are not available at the moment of writing this article. They will be freed sometime tomorrow morning, so that developers can start using them again.

Lastly, Mr. Zemczak informs all Ubuntu Touch developers that the smoketesting infrastructure has been removed because it was considered deprecated, which means that every development team will have to maintain their own automated testing environments.

Tomorrow we shall have more details about the development progress of the upcoming OTA-8.5 and OTA-9 updates for Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system.

Via Softpedia

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